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Value CPUs
Best bang for the buck!

Offering the balance between the price and performance these CPUs are great for the family PCs. They can be used in budget gaming PCs with a dedicated video card or in budget workstations for everyday needs including light video streaming and online gaming. Stay away from anything cheaper than $80.
Under $150
Business CPUs
Run any office and business apps.

Mid range CPUs will handle most tasks on a high performance workstation. Note that Intel's K-series processors offer unlocked multiplier for overclocking and getting significant performance improvements. These CPUs will perform great on gaming PCs if paired with a dedicated video card.
$150 to $299
Gaming CPUs
Top end for even most demanding games.

Best for high end gaming PCs, usually paired with one or more video cards. These processors can run most demanding engineering or software development applications. They will perform great on PCs used as a high end workstations or servers.

$300 and up
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